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Call +46 63 199 000 for Sverigetaxi Östersund

Regardless of whether you are alone, in a group or have difficulty getting where you want to go on time - we are here to help you. Call +46 63 199 000 and we will help you as quickly as we can.

Welcome to Östersund and Sverigetaxi!

We don’t drive taxis – we drive people. Sverigetaxi Östersund is by far Östersund’s largest taxi company with approx. 120 employed drivers who work full or part time. We help private individuals and companies to go where they want to, on time. Our broad social mission means that we also run school shuttles, contracted medical transport and transport services.

Our goal is that everyone should be able to get hold of a taxi within a reasonable time around the clock, all year round.

We are well on our way, but there is a short way to go before we are as easily accessible as we want. Feel free to take a shared taxi – then it will be significantly easier to get hold of a taxi. In addition, it is significantly better for the environment.

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Call +46 63 199 000

We have around fifty taxis at our disposal. Whether you need a regular taxi for four people, a large taxi for up to eight people, a senior taxi, airport transfer or travel service; we have drivers who will take you and your luggage wherever you want in a safe, secure vehicle.
Give us a ring: +46 63 199 000 and book your taxi.

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